Our Core Capabilities

Kii Personalized & Connected Care
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Our Integrated Health Services platform lets employees access all their care needs through one easy to use platform that keeps personalized care plans protected while keeping individuals connected to their care journey and support teams.

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Primary Care & Vision
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Our digital clinic, powered by proprietary telehealth technology, enables easy access to a broad range of health services. Navigation help and triage services ensure individuals get the right care at the right time, including expedited visits with doctors and nurse practitioners.

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Mental Health
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We provide access to a comprehensive suite of mental health solutions including evidence-based, clinically validated assessments, triage, and ongoing coaching services. Our a stepped-care approach offers mental health support and management for mild and complex issues.

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Health Navigation
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Our award-winning healthcare navigation solution ensures better access to care. The assistance of our Nurse Navigators results in reduced wait times, guidance, and support through an individual’s entire health journey.

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CloudMD provides access to both virtual and bricks-and-mortar rehabilitation clinics. Our cross-country network of Regulated Health Professionals offers a wide range of techniques and treatments for injuries and conditions.

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Medical Assessments
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We understand that healthy, engaged employees are essential to your success. Our medically focussed assessment service, currently used by more than a million clients and employees, accurately identifies an individual’s fitness and functional capabilities.

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Disability Management
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Our integrated model of medical evidence and functional ability to support entitlements aims to balance the needs of employers and employees in the management of non-occupational illnesses and injuries.

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Occupational Health
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We provide multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to assist in incident prevention, acute injury treatment, and return to function to support employers in the management of occupational health risks.

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Educational Resources
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Our digital library provides access to credible education resources from more than 70 of Canada’s leading health organizations, and empowers employees to successfully steer their health journeys.

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